Hey, my name is Chloe ! I am super adventurous, I love to explore new cultures and try new things. I am extremely passionate about a sustainable and ethical world and protecting our earth, people and animals. I am currently studying in MA Design researching into sustainability with in our world and how consumption effects it. In my spare time I like to longboard, work on my health and look for new outdoor adventures! To see more check out my instagram @chloeleighe and attached I have my own blog all about my learnings for a better world. Taking a year out in my first degree to travel started my inspiration and journey for opening my eyes to all of this.

From my researching I found the wonderful Elephant Branded! I discovered them in the last year of my first fashion degree where I left the dark side as I learned more about the effects unsustainable fashion has on our world. Along with Elephant Branded I found other brands claiming to be sustainable - I have now discovered some of them are not fully aware of their process and are not transparent about it. However Elephant Branded remain one of my top favourites ! They reclaim used materials to produced absolutely unique and refreshing products. Ethically they are amazing- paying people in poverty a correct living wage and teaching them skills! Too then add they donate a school pack to a child for every product your purchase. Ethical, Sustainable, caring and clearly aiming for a better world. Therefore I fully support and love this brand!

Based on information I now know I never buy new clothes or material items (apart from underwear :P but I am conscious of where its from). Elephant Branded offer something better than my usual second hand shop, because the item are new but they are made from recycled materials in a sustainable way. Feeling like a sustainable luxury. My favourite range is defiantly the Wild Elephants.. earthy like myself.

Therefore I will wear and spread the word about Elephant Branded, to connect people, make people aware of what a brand should stand for! And for people who need a bag to make sure they are aware this brand exists.

Much Love,



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