Krama Heritage - Classic - Or

We have teamed up with "The Krama Heritage" to provide High-end Krama hand-made in Phnom Penh in the pure Cambodian tradition way

Warm Krama entirely hand-woven in the pure Cambodian tradition. The Warm Krama’s pattern is very typical in Cambodia and is worn during festivals and ceremonies which namely take place at the Royal Palace. One day of weaving is necessary for the realisation of each Classic Warm Krama.

Dimensions: 180 x 40cm.

Texture: 100% thick cotton of superior quality.

Comes with: The Krama Heritage palm box hand-made in Cambodia.

One scarf, One smile: You are donating €5 to the NGO For a Child’s Smile.

One scarf, One skill: You are supporting a team of 25 lady-weavers in the Takeo Province working in ethical and fair-trade conditions.

Cleaning : We recommend hand-washing.